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Have your sales team work on warm introductions instead of cold calls.

The Contact Network offers your sales force a proven way to develop more leads and close more deals, while minimizing redundant effort.

  • Generate personal introductions to target prospects
  • Find a variety of alternative leads to target companies
  • Use personal connections to seek internal perspective and internal champions during a sales process
  • Identify colleagues who have contact with a target organization

Every employee has a valuable network of contacts, and most of it is untapped or underutilized. Existing applications, such as CRM and contact managers, average only 26% of potentially valuable contacts, and they only cover a fraction of employees. Contact Network captures 95% of contacts from 100% of employees, making it a gold mine of leads and contacts for your sales team.

Installation and launch typically takes less than a day. The automated data capture system requires no effort from any employees, IT team or KM group. The Contact Network requires no training for users and starts adding value the day it is launched.

From launch, the Contact Network captures potential connections to 125,000 companies. CRM systems are typically maintained by hand and focus on existing contacts. The Contact Network is not limited to data on current customers and prospects; it instantly finds additional contacts across the organization that the sales team can add to their existing CRM database of leads.

The Contact Network has complete privacy protection for all data. The Contact Network keeps all data private until the contact owner chooses to share. This privacy control makes the system the right solution for today's professional standards.

The Contact Network is a customer-proven solution that unlocks the power of existing contacts in a secure, reliable and private internal network. It continually compiles, updates and ranks the extended personal contact network within your company. The Contact Network instantly provides the best available set of personal introductions to a target company or industry, allowing your sales team to identify more prospects, gather better intelligence, speed the sales cycle and improve conversion.

"It has already helped us identify alternative paths into target clients." Senior VP of Sales & Marketing, leading IT services firm