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A Professional Services Case Study

About the Professional Services Firm

The leading international strategy and general management consulting firm has over 4,000 employees in 50 offices. The firm serves primarily the Fortune 100 and regularly assists selected smaller companies. Decades of successful client service and industry leadership has established this professional services firm as a trusted advisor and problem solver to senior managers around the world.

The Challenge

For professional services firms, client development is based on personal relationships. While relationships with long-time clients are well known, it is much more difficult to find good introductions when looking to expand younger relationships or start new ones. Like other professional services organizations, this firm has always relied on internal networking to find introductions to target companies and individuals. The Executive Committee recognizes that informal networking is effective, but it can be time-intensive and even with best efforts it reveals only a small portion of the potential introductions.

The Opportunity

A-players know A-players. An easy-to-search database of relationships and potential introductions would save senior staff time and dramatically improve coordination and success in business development efforts. Building that database to include all potential contacts from all staff would make it more powerful than any previous business development tools.

The Contact Network Solution

In one day, Contact Network installed and launched a system that makes those contacts available. It continuously collects, indexes, ranks and provides relationship data for all staff. Data capture is completely automated, requiring no effort from staff. It incorporates employment history for each employee, synchronizes with electronic address books, filters thousands of emails each day, and includes client contact data from the firm's legacy systems. Now, through a simple intranet interface, every employee can instantly identify colleagues who can potentially provide the introductions they need for client development and case work.

The Results

With full privacy controls in place, the staff has embraced the system. Participation is optional, and over 99% of the employees have opted to participate fully. Consultants at all levels, from senior partner to new associate, use the Contact Network daily to find introductions to target companies and individuals. They leverage the greatest asset of that any professional services has: its people.

"It has performed flawlessly, with no work required on our side" IT Project Leader, professional services firm