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The most effective job search tool has always been networking. Give your students the tool they need most.

Now, as much as ever, networking is a critical aspect of the job search process for the business school student. Students, faculty, administrators and alumni all offer a vast network of potential introductions. Navigating this network normally requires perseverance, luck and a lot of time.

The Contact Network makes the same process faster, more comprehensive and more productive. It allows students to directly identify who can be most helpful and to make a request for assistance. Students network faster and better, and focus their time on speaking to target companies.

A cross-section of nationally ranked and leading regional schools has validated the value of the Contact Network. They appreciate the ability to provide students with a self-help tool to jump-start their job search. At the same time, the Contact Network creates interaction across formerly separate groups, such as part-time and executive ed students. This builds stronger community and leads to lasting alumni ties.

"Our experience is that students who network to find their ideal post-MBA job have a higher success rate. Period. Networking gives you the inside scoop on jobs, companies, people, and career paths. The Contact Network gives students a way to open the doors to a huge pool of potential contacts, in an elegant way that fosters full participation." Steve Lubrano, Assistant Dean and Director of the MBA Program, Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth