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Contact Networks works with premier firms in commercial banking, investment banking, consulting, technology, law, and education. It is the choice for firms seeking a proven solution with years of successful customer use and references to validate it. Contact us to learn more about our customers’ success stories using Contact Networks.


"We have over 900 employees in seven offices across the country and overseas. We know that we have relationships with thousands of firms and organizations, but had no way to catalog and search that information. Now, when talking to a prospective client or just preparing a mailing list, we are able to instantly discover each relevant relationship and work as one team despite our size."
Chief Marketing Officer at an AM Law 100 Law Firm

Commercial Banking

“Contact Networks allows us to rapidly and easily bring different product groups into alignment. We’re extremely excited about it.”
Head of CRM, top-10 North American commercial bank

“We know intuitively that, company wide, the bank has many relationships that our relationship managers would love to use to improve their efforts, but it’s never been possible to really figure out how to use them. Contact Networks is finally letting us use all of the strengths we have as a bank.”
SVP of Commercial Lending, major regional banking group

Investment Banking

“We have tried to do something like Contact Networks on our own for years and failed. This is a great product.”
SVP, bulge-bracket investment bank

Professional Services

“One of our strongest assets is the background and connections of our 4,000 employees in 60 offices worldwide. When we installed Contact Networks we discovered that the quantity and quality of these contacts was even better than we had expected. We have found the ideal solution to provide access to that network and maintain complete respect for the privacy of all employees.”
Chief Knowledge Officer, global strategy consulting firm

"I used the application today, and it was directly helpful in supporting some work I'm doing right now. Simple and to the point."
Partner, global consulting firm

"I used Contact Networks to get up to speed on a new industry. It saved me a great deal of time vs. word-of-mouth and relies much less on serendipity and locale."
Manager, leading management consulting firm

Venture Capital

"The greatest asset of a venture firm is the experience and contacts of the firm. I want our portfolio companies to leverage our network on every sale they make. Now they can instantly check whether we can provide a contact and make targeted direct requests for introductions."
General Partner, Venture Capital Firm


"Our business school is known for its tight-knit community and ability to help fellow graduates open doors to improve networking. We were looking for an automated software solution that would run securely on our Intranet and give our students access to the great connections of their fellow students, professors, and faculty in the business world. Contact Networks was simple to install and our students were immediately able to start sharing contacts and leveraging existing relationships to improve networking and expand job prospects."
Assistant Dean and Director of the MBA Program, Leading Business School