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Contact Network Releases Latest Version of its Corporate Social Networking Application

First Social Networking Software for Enterprises Includes New Features for Greater Value, Privacy and Simplicity

Boston, MA – December 3, 2003 – Contact Network Corporation (contactnetworkcorp.com), the leading provider of enterprise contact collaboration solutions, today announced the latest version of its social networking software for global sales companies, professional service firms and business schools.

Contact Network Corporation has developed the first, private social networking application for corporations, allowing employees to share contacts with their colleagues through a secure, private network. Using this software, enterprises can now automatically leverage their organization’s professional and personal relationship network to accelerate sales cycles and close rates, and to improve customer relationship management.

“As first to market, we have had the unique opportunity in the last 18 months to address the most important issues for enterprises when it comes to social networking software – namely value, privacy and simplicity,” said Cesar Brea, CEO of Contact Network Corporation. “Through input from our broad customer base, we’ve included new features that specifically address functionality to improve the value of the contact database, tune privacy and control settings, while making the system very user friendly.”

“We’ve been working with Contact Network for the last year, using its enterprise social networking software to extend our contacts and relationships to our portfolio companies,” said Andrew Hallowell, Partner of Arcadia Partners. “As we’ve moved our systems to 2003, Contact Network was right there with us, updating and improving functionality of their software to meet our needs. They’ve focused on the features that matter most when it comes to making effective and realistic use of social networking software – how to make the contacts relevant for users while maintaining privacy.”

New Features and Benefits of Contact Network 2.5 include:

  • Expanded Administrative Capabilities:
    • Administrators can now manage data source settings at the system-wide level, allowing them to maintain privacy settings suitable for their organization, and adjust them to keep pace with changing needs.
    • Custom tuning of the proprietary ranking algorithm that scores relationships strength, so users can instantly identify the colleagues most likely to provide an introduction for their particular need.
  • Increased Data Capture
    • Streamlined the automated capture system of users’ employment history, which is possible from resumes in any data format, as well as custom and market-leading HR systems.
    • Added capability to score contacts residing in custom contact systems, such as Exchange or Access databases.
    • Increased email analysis filters (now over 30,000), providing over 99.9% clean data, the highest in the industry.
  • Improved User Interface
    • Full corporate-family navigation capability to show relationships from parent companies to affiliates and subsidiaries.
  • Full support of Windows Server 2003 and Outlook 2003.

About Contact Network’s Application

Contact Network's search interface is intuitive and easy-to-use. Users simply enter a target person, company or industry and the search results instantly provide a ranked list of colleagues that may have useful contacts. They then request introductions from their colleagues. Personal privacy is guaranteed because private contact information is never disclosed by the system; colleagues retain control and choose to share their relationships on a case-by-case basis. All participants can set their privacy settings and level of sharing.

The ranking of search results is based on a proprietary algorithm that scores recent email traffic, electronic address book entries and employment history. The application requires no training to use and data input is 100% automated.

The Contact Network application v2.5 is available now and provided to enterprises for a low monthly subscription fee, which includes installation and full support. For more information on the product, pricing and its immediate positive ROI, visit contactnetworkcorp.com, email info@contactnetworkcorp.com, or telephone directly at (617) 224-9917.

About Contact Network Corporation

Contact Network Corporation is the leading provider of enterprise contact collaboration solutions. The Contact Network application, the first corporate social networking software, enables leading professional service firms, Global 1000 sales forces, and major universities to better utilize their extended relationship network to generate sales, facilitate networking opportunities, and improve knowledge sharing within a secure, private internal network. Contact Network Corporation is a Boston-based, privately-held company. More information is available at contactnetworkcorp.com.


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