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Contact Network Releases Version 3.0 of Market Leading Technology

Enterprise Contact Collaboration Firm Adds Enhanced Configurability, Responds to Customer Feedback With Powerful Tools for Vertical Markets

Boston, MA - February 16, 2004 - Contact Network Corporation, the leading provider of enterprise contact collaboration solutions, today announced the latest version of its social networking software for global sales companies, professional service firms and business schools.

Contact Network Corporation's latest release adds advanced configuration settings to its pathbreaking enterprise software, allowing customers to have a high degree of control over the ways users search and see the latent relationships in their companies.

"Collaborating with peers by sharing valuable contacts is something employees want to do, but it's important to give companies the ability to match our solution to their culture," said Geoffrey Hyatt, CEO of Contact Network Corporation. "No one has more experience than we do in marrying our advanced solution to the real needs of customers."

Contact Network has also added specialized modules for law and venture capital firms. These modules allow customers in each industry to use the Contact Network to address their unique collaboration needs.

"We're committed to delivering the best solution for every type of customer we work with," said Colin Mathews, Vice President of Business Development for Contact Network Corporation. "Although we work with industry-leading firms in financial services, management consulting, technology sales, and law who have between 50 and tens of thousands of employees, we have the expertise and the team to provide solutions tailored to their individual needs."

New Features and Benefits of Contact Network 3.0 include:

Expanded Administrative Capabilities:
  • Full data and usage reporting system and master dashboard allows complete overview and ROI measures.
  • Complete analytics package to tune and customize the solution.
Granular Search and Display Parameters:
  • Users may now search for contacts using a wide range of parameters that provide more specialized discovery of useful contacts.
  • Companies now have a longer menu of options for the type and degree of information exchanged during the contact collaboration process.
  • Search options are highly configurable at both the administrative and user level. Modules for Legal and Venture Capital Markets.
  • New modules plug into the Contact Network's rich functionality with specialized features designed in collaboration with industry customers.

About Contact Network's Application

The Contact Network search is a high-ROI tool that companies use to speed sales cycles, increase close rates, improve business intelligence, and enhance cross-selling by helping employees find useful contacts among their coworkers. Users simply enter a target person, company or industry and the search results instantly provide a ranked list of colleagues that may have useful contacts. They then request introductions from their colleagues. Personal privacy is guaranteed because private contact information is never disclosed by the system; colleagues retain control and choose to share their relationships on a case-by-case basis. All participants can set their privacy settings and level of sharing.

The ranking of search results is based on a proprietary algorithm that scores recent email traffic, electronic address book entries, employment history, and a variety of third-party and proprietary contact management systems. The application requires no training to use and data input is 100% automated.

The Contact Network application v3.0 is available now and provided to enterprises for a monthly subscription fee, which includes installation and full support. For more information on the product, pricing and its immediate positive ROI, visit contactnetworkcorp.com, email , or telephone directly at (617) 224-9917.

About Contact Network Corporation

Contact Network Corporation is the leading provider of enterprise contact collaboration solutions. The Contact Network application, the first corporate social networking software, enables leading professional service firms, Global 1000 sales forces, and major universities to better utilize their extended relationship network to generate sales, facilitate networking opportunities, and improve knowledge sharing within a secure, private internal network. Contact Network Corporation is a Boston-based, privately-held company.


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